EmptyHands Coaching is a consultancy that provides professional help and support to individuals, groups and like-minded people. Our aim is to steer our clients towards establishing greater self awareness, appreciation and being present. Ultimately, to improve your understanding of self and behavioural preferences. Our methods have been developed over 20 years of research. They have helped guide clients through some critical decisions.

Coaching can represent a personal evolution. It is no longer just a benevolent form of sharing what you know with somebody. It’s also a way of asking questions so as to spark insights in the other person. A method of “unlocking potential to maximise ones performance.” Essentially imparting knowledge and helping others discover it themselves.

Our approach

Styles of Coaching

Coaching styles can vary depending upon the situation and context. Coaching situations can vary from conflicts at home, school or work to making life changing decisions or career development/advice. Sometimes a simple conversation is enough!

Our approach to coaching has been person centred. This method encourages you to share your inner dialogue, listen without judgement and help to find the answers for yourself through asking critical questions. Ultimately, reflecting back on what has been said with some analysis.